COMING YOUR WAY AT THE WEB: Net Global Television Inc.

COMING YOUR WAY AT THE WEB: Net Global Television Inc. is a web based TV station, privately owned and operated and by Filipino producers and is base in Toronto. Its mandate is giving service to the community and to promote businesses locally, provincially and globally.

Based on surveys from Bloomberg and CNN News, people are shifting away from Cable TV, this they call ‘migrating to internet’. There is a great advantage moving to the internet as it can be viewed anywhere as long as you have internet connection, and it’s FREE. If you have missed an episode you can easily come back to it since episodes are always posted.

A growing 67% of ads have migrated to Internet Advertising. In a few years cable could be gone and this is why has positioned itself at the right time. Another advantage they have is the use of major social networking sites for promoting advertisements. create top notch programming on all of their shows, with its years of experience in advertising, tv and post production.

Let serve you and cover your business or topics on a variety of our shows that appeal to news, lifestyle talk show, living & design, food and dining and noontime variety show. is result of a merger between 2 companies and now they are bigger and better doing both TV and soon radio on the internet. They do their shows live via streaming on the internet in studio and anywhere. We have expanded and created our own production team that does TV commercial for clients, and soon to do short films as well.

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