Social Media Blogger Li ERON to host in FOCUS

Social Media Blogger Li ERON to host in FOCUS

I guess, after weeks of trying to just fed my thread with in FOCUS logo, it hasn’t actually sink in what it is. It is an online TV Show that will be launched and hosted by NetGlobalTV based in Toronto.

in FOCUS to be hosted by Li ERON, a long time Social Media Blogger, Writer and Photographer, will launch in a couple of weeks. It will be an informal talk show with high profiled individuals from the community who created a positive impact to the lives of our people. It can also be bold as it clears issues so that people can be well informed to make personal decisions. It can be inspiring as we unearth those who needs to shine from among the unknowns.

We will not propagate hate. This show can be intense at times. It will also feature events that made Filipinos strong. It will not be biased and it will not be influenced by anybody. It is also far reaching as we used the internet to connect with people from across the world where their stories and aspirations need to be shared and heard.

in FOCUS will be like a travelling dots that connects every peace loving, intelligent individuals, not just Filipinos but the world as a whole. Our purpose is to heal, to give pillows to the dreamers, to give voice to so many…

in FOUCS will be shown every Saturday at 10:00 A.M. just right for your coffee before picking up that towel for a morning bath. It will be candid.

As one of my prospective guest said, “Are you sure? Oh, I’m nervous now…”

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